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We are now a fully-fledged, independent non-profit organisation, registered with the Department of Social Development.

The Nolwazi OER platform was developed over many years of collaboration, research and piloting, into what has become a uniquely sourced, well curated and continually updated platform for the development of the basic education project in South Africa. It was always intended as an easily accessible resource for use by schools, educators and the South African community, delivered online or offline, via kiosk, server or the Web.
CC licence

In the spirit of Open Education, Nolwazi uses a Creative Commons licence, to allow the education and wider parent community the opportunity to access excellent, open resources. It is in this spirit, well understood by the local and global education network, that it is illegal to exploit this resource for direct or indirect commercial gain, and contrary to ordinary 'fair use' and ethical practices. Nolwazi was never intended to provide free resources to for-profit companies or to enhance commercial product offerings or services in any way whatsoever. 


This repository contains a variety of high-quality teaching and learning items, available freely as Open Education Resources (OERs) to any legitimate user of Nolwazi.

In order to use view and download any content items, you need to register as a user. All information you supply will be used purely for usage analytics and communication, and will not be shared with any third party.

The development of this digital content repository has been made possible by our involvement in a number of cutting-edge ICT in Education projects in South Africa, and through the generosity of teacher volunteers and donors of high quality. Whether you are viewing and downloading resources, we hope that you will find the experience valuable and a way of making you a better teacher (or learner or parent) than you already are! 

We welcome any good OERs that you have developed and would be delighted to add them to the growing repository. Contact: julie@nolwazi.co.za.

Nolwazi eLearning Kiosk, Jika Mfundo Project, PILO/NECT, KZN Education Department

A special thank you goes to the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) for providing much of the original seed funding that allowed us to combine the unique, pioneering work of Breadbin and The Shuttleworth Foundation with the forward-thinking vision of CoZa Cares Foundation: bringing Open Educational Resources to any South African at no cost to the end user.

One of the key supporting programmes was the innovative ICT4RED programme in 24 Eastern Cape Department of Education schools in Cofimvaba District from 2013 to 2016. This programme was managed by the Meraka Institute of CSIR, and funded by the Departments of Science and Technology and Rural Development and Land Reform, within the overall Tech4RED programme. Others were the PILO-supported programme, Jika Mfundo in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the ZACR project at Chesterville Secondary School near Durban, amongst others. We have over 45 eLearning kiosks and a number of school-based servers in various locations throughout South Africa containing the beta-version of Nolwazi. As funds allow we will visit every site to upgrade their content to the latest version of Nolwazi.

Enjoy your journey through Nolwazi and its resources!

We are keen to hear your opinions and suggestions. Please email us at info@nolwazi.co.za

Thank you!